The Swan Siltronix Home Page

The Swan Siltronix Home Page

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You've found the Original Swan Siltronix 1011 web page. It's hard for us to imagine these web pages have been up since 1997/98, which almost seems like another lifetime on the Internet. Most new visitors find this page while looking for Swan and Siltronix information in Web Search Engines (pages) like google, askjeeves and yahoo.

The initial intent of these pages was to capture and present previously unknown history, stories and related technical information for the 1011 series of Swan and Siltronix Radio Equipment. In specific (and reverse order), the Siltronix 1011 (plain), B, C, & D series radios; reaching back over time to the earlier (& first) Swan 1011 transceiver model.

We've collected a rather large library of various equipment pictures to add and we now hope to expand the pages to include more Siltronix (and Swan) Accessories and Swan radio equipment as time allows.

There are a lot of unwritten thank you credits, which should appear on these pages. If you have previously contributed material and pictures without proper mention, please let me know. If you would like to contribute, please feel free to Email in your pictures and text. Be sure to include your information (name) if you want source credit or a thank you posted along with materials we use.

The Swan 1011 and Siltronix 1011 Transceivers were made and sold by the now famous Swan and Siltronix Corporations, located first in Arizona, then in Southern California. Swan became a large player in the early Multi-Band HF Radio lineup by producing practical, solid low cost HF Transceivers. Early Swan Radios were only mono band units (early Arizona rigs often referred to as the "Gold Faced" models produced in Benson, Arizona), which were followed by the very popular 80-10 meter multi-band rigs. I've heard the original Benson Arizona garage production line was a few hundred gold-faced mono band ham rigs. The Company Founder and "Factory" moved from Arizona to Southern California where things really started to go well for the growing Swan Radio Company. Swan was purchased by Cubic Communications, which continued producing Amateur Radios. Have a look at the first Swan rigs made in Benson Arizona, the "gold face" Swan 140 and 120 Mono Band HF Transceivers shown below.

Since this web page started, many people have contributed pictures and history that we are very grateful to receive. Some of our "gold mine pictures" are of the actual prototype Swan (later renamed Siltronix) 1011 uncased still with a hand labeled (in pencil) front panel. We would like to say a special thanks to Larry for the prototype and some of the early Swan 1011 pictures you will see ahead. We have also located pictures of the rare Siltronix 1011 "plain" and B Models after many years of searching. Also thanks to Jim Okubo for his early 73 Magazine Sales flyer, which appears just below. It just takes time to get it all loaded up into your browser so be patient please...

This site has been updated and expanded many times. All the typo's and pictures may not load properly. Please be patient and check back with us in a day or two if something you want is not yet available. Email Icons are provided at the page bottom for you to contact me. The conversion from the Original Single Home Page was quite a bit of fun, but this newer divided sections layout will load much faster on dialup internet connections.

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