Technical, Owner and Service Manuals

Siltronix and Swan Owner and Service Manuals

Looking for a (free) Siltronix - Swan 1011 Owners Manual..? Thought you might be.

You can at any time page back to the main Resource Page to find the siltronix file down load icons as they become available. There is or will be complete scanned Siltronix Manuals which include the factory alignment information with the circuit diagram. The 12 pin Cinch-Jones type power plug is detailed in one section of the circuit diagram.

Some manual downloads are available in high-resolution file formats, which are not practical for Dial-Up Internet Connections. Please check to see if lower resolution file formats of the same manual are available if you do not have a broad band (high speed) Internet connection.

If you want to download a Service Manual or Technical information, please read the following and save us both much time. There are two columns on all or most radiowrench sub directories, where files are available for down load. If you've not previously accessed these files or their matching description pages, their icon names/links appear in blue (using most of the common web browsers). Otherwise they appear in violet (purple) if you've already and recently accessed the information.

Understand the file downloads probably have description pages which explain the file contents and related download information (file format and size). The Description Page for each file is the right column text in blue. You view the description page as a normal web page (html text) and return to the main page by using the return, back browser button. Some pages have a table of contents and home page icon at the bottom, which may also be used to exit a description page.

Once you return to the page with the desired file download icons, start your download request using the file name blue icons in the left column. If you don't see the manual for your specific radio, drop me an Email. Chances are I might have it ready to download, but have not yet made the proper web page changes to make it available. Remember to return to the sonic server amateur radio page to access the available manuals.

Siltronix and Swan AC Power Cord information. (very handy)

For those of you who need the basic power plug information to "roll your own." Cinch Jones no longer makes the 12 pin cord socket/jack with cover hood. I currently buy them through Newark Farnell. Their Part number is 14F2451 Use a quality three wire grounded cord with proper 120 vac plug on one end. Please be very carefull and double check your work if you make your own replacement Siltronix Power Cord using the below information. Please review the complete text before you begin.

The power cord black or 120 vac "hot" lead goes/solders to the jack/socket pin 3 only.
The power cord white or 120 vac "neutral" lead goes to the jack/socket pin 10 only.
The power cord green or "ground" lead goes to jack/socket pin 7. You might consider soldering it at the same time your complete the pin 7/8 jumper mentioned below.

There are two jumpers inside the jack which need to be made for proper operation. Both jumpers are made to tabs that are right next to each other. You can use simple bare wire for the very short lenghts between adjacent solder tabs.
Solder a short bare wire jumper from tab 5 to tab 6.
Solder a seperate short bare wire jumper from tab 7 to tab 8. Tab 7 also shares a common connection with the green power cord ground lead. Securely solder tab 7 when both connections are properly made.

Double check your work!

Secure the included hood (cover) over the jack and you're ready to rock and roll. You've just saved youself from a min $20 priced online auction Siltronix power cord Shark-Attack. That's really nice for you, too bad for them. I've seen people on Ebay selling power cords for more than $40, which is nuts when you can easily make your own up.

Consider taking a moment to Email a thanks if you down load the available informatin... Makes it worth the effort to set this stuff up when I receive an atta'boy or two from out of town. You'll find there are few different formats in which to obtain the manual copy, just read the respective description page by clicking on the adjacent icon to see the down load file details. If the resolution of one file format doesn't fit your fancy, try one of the others to obtain a higher resolution image. I've learned that some of the manual copy formats are rough, watch for my rescaned copies now that I have access to a better page scanner.

Now, read This Updated Free Manual down load information! I have installed not only the free Owner Service Manual but have now added additional text which contains alignment information for the Transceiver Internal Carrier Oscillator Section. You will have to unzip the various zip style down load file packages with Winzip, pkunzip or your equivalent decompression program of choice. Why spend a lot of money..? Winzip is also available free, on the sonic server "software down load page." Just look around on sonic and you'll find it there. PDF format files require the free Adobe PDF reader program found all over the web and the Adobe web site.
With more time, I hope to add some of the accessory manuals that I have... ie the Siltronix Amplifiers and VFO information.

Grace Brock used to sell Swan and Siltronix manuals, for some years I provided her contact information on this page. I'm told Grace stopped selling manuals and sold off the remaining inventory to one of the hams that makes his living doing said. I suppose that's ok if you don't want to hunt around the Internet for the many Swan manuals, which appear, on various web sites. The (six meters world wide) site has quite a few manuals available for download, not to mention Ken's very popular "boat anchor (bama) manual archive" at (Hi Ken!)

If you have a manual you'd like to share or donate to the cause, I'd be happy to scan and return hard copies or present scanned images you might send via Email. That's about it for this page, onward...

Last Update: 04/28/04