Epilog and Opinions

I also want to thank the many people who have said hello, provided some great pictures and information... you're quite a wide spread and diverse bunch of nice folks. I hear from people all around the world through this web page. I like to read your stories and use what I can here on the Siltronix web pages. I try to provide source credit where possible or desired.

I and many others hope to keep alive and present to the world the very special Siltronix and Swan Radio story. While the rig which is the Swan and Siltronix 1011 is often considered a bastard step child and "Boot-Leg high powered CB" transceiver, many Amateurs actually legally use it on the 10 Meter Ham Bands, myself included. Many early Siltronix CB Operators later became Hams, using the 1011 radio as a first stepping stone... again myself included.

Many Hams are/were often very stuffy and hard to deal with when intersted people from the CB ranks ask about Amateur Radios. Regular people did not want to become Electronic Engineers just to enjoy a radio hobby and were often quickly put off by their first exposure grouchy traditional "learn it like I did or hit the road" types.
The Swan and Siltronix 1011 Transceivers were in the right time and place to satisfy a very special product demand. Here is a unique radio for the serious Operator. The 1011 series of radios provided a bridge to a very educational and positive path many took to become Amateur Radio Operators and Two-Way Radio Technicians. Many enjoyed the Radio in both bands for the shear pleasure it was to operate. Thanks for dropping by...

This is the end of the current pages (for now). Send in your pictures and history/stories when you can. Thanks to those who have done the previous and please check in again soon. We really enjoy the feedback received (even grouchy feedback) about this page. You can even Email in technical questions. I'll try to get them answered as soon as possible.

Last Update: 04/28/04
Chow for now... :-)