The-Net Packet TNC-2 node eprom firmware package

Amateur Packet Radio TNC-2 "The-Net" node eprom firmware package

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Amateur Packet Radio is still alive and well! Yes we know the Internet sure knocked the popularity down in lieu of "on-line" digital operation. Still, there are die-hards along with the introduction of High Speed, Enhanced Mode, Node and APRS with BBS/Internet Email Ports. Packet is making a real comeback steady comeback with the APRS crowd.

This is the Eprom software to configure an MFJ 1270b and TAPR TNC-2 for Node Operation. The TAPR and MFJ-1270b are pretty much the same circuit, although both might now be out of production. These TNC Controllers are often purchased used for a very low price. The available zip file package contains the program to format the Eprom .hex files for TNC-Node controllers (TAPR 2, MFJ 1270b type controllers). You will need access to an Eprom chip programmer.

Please check back with this web site as we hope to add other famous packet programs like yapp (yet another packet program) and some of the PK-232 host mode packages.

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