Regency Micro Com wu151ra & u01ra UHF Repeater Manual

The Regency Micro Com UHF Repeater

The Regency Land Mobile (two-way radio) Radio Company (Division) is long out of business. Regency LMR was a manufacture and reseller of Commercial Two-way Radio Equipment as well as popular consumer electronics related to radios and scanners. Regency was reported sold to the BK Relm Company, which no longer supports older Regency Radio Equipment.

Regency made at least two UHF Repeaters, which appear to have been sold with various model numbers, at least one with the wu151ra & u01ra labels (model number). Regency Repeater names such as Micro Com or Micro Comm were also used along with the model numbers.

There doesn't appear to be much around regarding Regency Repeater and Radio Service Manuals. Surplus used Regency Repeaters and Radios still appear for sale on Ebay with the obligatory no manual available at this time description.

This is the description page for a portion of a Regency Repeater Service Manual I'm making available to the public for free. When you select (click) the left side download icon on the main sonic page, you'll start to receive the manual in Adobe PDF File Format. Consider a quick thank you Email after you've completed the manual download process.

Please know the file size of the available condensed manual is still quite large, just over 6mb. You will need a respectable internet connection speed to properly download the file. You should also know how to print and save the Adobe PDF file format before you start the download process.

I have two manuals for the Regency Micro Com Repeater. The full version manual is over 25MB file size and not practical to make available on line. If the reduced manual is not enough information for your needs, you will need to contact me direct (email). A full version manual copy (PDF File on CD Media) can be made available for a modest fee and postage.

Regency Repeaters and Radios are/were not the best quality, but they did work. The First version Regency Repeater (not the model for this manual download) was a board in box type layout. If you purchased one new and working, it probably preformed ok for what it was. You will know the early model Regency Repeater as a chassis box with a (common) thick metal screen material, silver colored cover over the box. By today's Commercial Radio and Repeater standards, it's considered a pile of junk. If you're a Ham with a bit of spare time, this unit might be a fun project unit to play with. Hopefully you received the circuit diagrams (manual) with your purchase. As a web page reader, please consider sending us any available copies of the early version repeater paperwork you might have(print or electronic scans) to make available here.

Chassis View

I refer to the Regency Mico-Com Repeater as the second version, although I dont' exactly know how many uhf repeater models Regency actually made. The available sonic web page manual is for the mentioned second version repeater.

The RF Section

The second Micro Com Repeater appears to be a common "mobile radio in a box" unit. There is at least one external control board on the chassis, which did allow for multiple sub tones (pl) as well as an onboard AC power supply. I'm not here to debate the quality of these units; they are what they are and might be a low cost repeater project for a more rural (or Amateur Radio) application. Parts are no longer available; one trick might be to buy similar U15 & U31 Regency UHF Mobile Radios as a possible source.

The Regency U31 UHF Mobile Radio

The Regency U15 UHF Mobile Radio

I've seen Regency Repeaters with matching external RF Power Amplifiers with the AC Power Supply, mounted in very nice small rack cabinets. If you get a Micro Com Repeater that's not been hacked up too bad, there's no reason why you can't have a bit of fun restoring it to operation. I've seen plenty of the Regency Mobile Radioss converted to Amateur Radio (Ham) Service and they do work just fine.

Keep in mind that most small rack mount or desktop repeaters made from mobile radios don't survive well on busy metro area mountaintops. The receiver performance suffers, partially from the lack of minimal (typical for a mobile radio) front end filtering or adequate pre-selection. In the real world a very busy Repeater & Broadcast Transmitter Site will often make most desktop repeaters unusable. This fact is not exclusive to the Regency Micro Com Repeater.

One thought to improve the receiver would be the addition of a helical type front end module or preamp, such as the Hamtronics, DCI or similar units. I made one such repeater quite usable with the simple addition of a Hamtronics Helical Front end Receiver Preamp. I paid more for the additional helical preamp than I did for the entire repeater. Anyway, enjoy the Repeater for what it is and have some fun placing it back into service. OK, that's about it, good luck and enjoy. I'm available by Email as time allows if you have generic related questions.

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