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This is the decription page for Siltronix Owner/Service Manual down loads. You simply hit the back button on your browser after reading this page to find the actual down load start button is ready. You start the auto down load by clicking the left side .zip file name when you get back there. Simple enough and this next part will save you some serious time...

You probably need only one file format copy of the manual right..? The scan of the manual is a pretty large zip or pdf type files. You don't want to spend 4 hours down loading a large file if you can avoid it. Here's where things get helpful.

Graphics and text files can be saved in many different file formats. You can beat your head against the wall trying to display a file that you don't have a viewer/editor installed on your computer to use. Lots of error messages you don't understand. Don't waste a lot of time worrying about it... read on

It's past the scope of my available time to walk everyone through a viewer/editor install proceedure, after you've chosen and found one you like. Let me try to make it simple for everyone here. I've stored the siltronix manual jpg and gif scans in zip files, which unzip to the chosen package format. The jpg (.jpg or .jpeg) graphic format, the gif (.gif) format and the seperate non zip'd Adobe pdf (.pdf) format. Everyone has their preferences, these are what I have to offer up at this time. If you get an error message when you double click on a file that should display, there's a good chance you don't have a viewer or editor for that file type installed yet.

All file formats need a file Viewer or Editor Program to display on your screen. You can probably view common jpg and gif files using a web browswer (Netscape or Micro Sponge Internet Explorer), or a common picture photo editor. Some will auto start when you click on the file. If you don't have one, you can go to many common freeware sites and down load a program that works well and doesn't cost anything. Try as a source for lots of good free programs.

The Adobe PDF reader is also a free program, go to for a free down load of the pdf viewer. Many people like the pdf version because the actual stored file sizes are much smaller than common jpg or the horible Win bmp formats. If size matters, use the pdf format down load.

Where all of this is going...

I've scanned in the pages from a (Swan) Siltronix 1011D Tranceiver and put them in a nice zip file with the circuit diagram. This should help a lot of you out, not to mention save some money and time. You down load your file format of choice by noticing the down load file label on the left hand side. All their respective description pages lead here. is the manual in original jpg file format, quite large in file size. is the manual in gif file format, smaller than jpg, requires a gif viewer.

silman.pdf is the manual in Adobe PDF (.pdf) format, requires the free Adobe Reader. Up until June 1st. 2001, the original package was just compressed pdf's of the radio circuit diagram. I have now modified the pdf down load to work in true pdf web format and the package is now the complete manual with circuit diagrams included. Mucho better...

silman.pdf is the manual that can be opened on-line if you have an Adobe pdf file viewer installed. I would first try to down load a copy and work with it off line, it's more practical in the long run.

OK, have fun and do let me know if you have specific trouble. All the down loads may not play right away, but please try back in a day or two if something is not working. We update the Siltronix information almost every day. Be sure to go back to the main Amateur Radio Pages on sonic and have a look at the updated Siltronix home page if you haven't been there in a while.


cheers and enjoy...

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First and best: Use the menu icon just below to the main sonic page.

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Third: You can always contact me using the Email Icon below. I'll try to get a back to you asap with a practical answer.

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