AEA CP-1 Owner / Service Manual

AEA "Computer Patch" CP-1 Owners - Service Manual
I've scanned in the pages from an AEA CP-1 Owner - Service Manual and put them in a nice zip file with the circuit diagram. This should help a lot of you out, not to mention save some money and time. AEA sold itself out of business and this manual is no longer available while many CP-1's are still out there ready to be put to work. The file unzips to pdf format so you'll need to find Adobe PDF file reader (it's free) and have it installed when you go to view and print these scans.


We/I get a lot of Email from visitors who drop into these file down load description pages via a web search "engine" (like Google). Vistors are not able to locate the file download icon for that specific description page. There is a simple way to find the file download icons on the main sonic web page...

First and best: Use the menu icon just below to the main sonic page.

Second: Back space out the page your now looking at in your browser location line. As an example, using the description page. Remove the last portion of the web location with the keyboard back space key to read then press your Enter Key to reload the main sonic page "just in front" which would probably has the inforamation you're looking for. This works on most of the current browsers at most web sites.

Third: You can always contact me using the Email Icon below. I'll try to get a back to you asap with a practical answer.

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