Swan Siltronix Carrier Oscillator Alignment Instructions

This is the Decription Page for the Swan - Siltronix Carrier Oscillator Alignment Instructions down load files. Three file format types of the same Instructions are available for free down load. Plain Text, MS Wordpad (both compressed into zip files) and the third in Adobe PDF Format.

I've written text to help you align the (Swan) Siltronix 1011 Tranceiver Carrier Oscillator circuit and put copies of that text into two zip and one pdf package. This should help a lot of you get your radios working after a "golden screwdriver" hit on the radio, not to mention save some serious time.

silatxt.zip is the manual in original Plain Text File Format in a standard zip file.

siladoc.zip is the manual from a wordpad or ms word file format, placed in a zip file.

silapdf.pdf is the text that can be down loaded or opened on-line if you have an Adobe pdf file viewer installed. I would first try to down load a copy and work with it off line, it's more practical in the long run. Hold down the shift key when mouse clicking on the PDF down loads to start the down load process vs. on line viewing.

OK, have fun and do let me know if you have specific trouble. All the down loads may not play right away, but please try back in a day or two if something is not working. We update the Siltronix information as time allows. Be sure to go back to the main Amateur Radio Pages on sonic and have a look at the updated Siltronix home page if you haven't been there in a while.


Cheers and enjoy... Be sure to visit the Swan Siltronix Web Pages at http://www.radiowrench.com/siltronix and say hello when you can.

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