Siltronix FD-1011 Frequency Counter Display Manual

This is the Decription Page for the Siltronix FD-1011 Frequency Counter Display Owner - Service Manual (free) download. The much sought after FD-1011 frequecy display only required AC-Line (or optional DC) power and one short coaxial cable connections to the radio. Actual frequency counter operation provided only a relative indication of the "window frequency." Mode offsets for SSB and AM were not provided. Over time, the operator learned the relative position of the operating frequency window vs the actual display value.

Not the best, but it worked well and was real cool looking. The Red LED display segments often burned out with time. They can be replaced by most good techs in the know. One other display model(I have one) also included a CB Channel number display window along side the frequency display, driven by internal proms across the bcd lines. Quite a novel circuit... The 25.500MHz display appeared if you didn't have the unit plugged in and reading a radio vfo.


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