Dubus Magazine VHF Phempt GaAs Fet Preamp

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This Description Page will serve two functions. First to describe the Phempt GaAs "gas" Fet Preamp Article, which you may now download from the sonic web page. If you'd like the theory and construction information to "roll" or "build your own" PHEMPT Preamplifier, simply download and review this article.

I build and operate PHEMPT preamplifiers for their high performance. At busy (high level) Repeater Sites, the extra 3rd order intercept (IP3) "headroom" really helps a complex receiver combiner system.

Second, I need to say something about Dubus Magazine. If you are into Amateur Radio and Communications Technology, building electronic projects, you've got to subscribe to Dubus. There has been a gap in serious "meat and potatoes" electronics projects since the demise of Ham Radio Magazine (rip). Dubus Magazine does a great job to fill a portion of the above-mentioned gap. So if and after you download this preamp article, use this link or web search out Dubus Magazine and consider a subscription after you read the introduction text.


OK, just to finish up... this is the Description Page for the Dubus VHF Preamp Article in Adobe PDF format. You can download a free PDF file format reader at the Adobe web site.


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