WinScope.pdf Heathk 4850 Digital Oscilloscope Software Manual

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WinScope.pdf is the manual for Gary Appel’s Windows compatible software program for use with the Heathkit 4850 Digital Memory Oscilloscope. This download is for the PDF (file format) Operations Manual matching Gary’s latest windows based software package also available for free download.

Thank you Gary for such a great job and your being generous in sharing the program, manual and information for free! Hope you’re enjoying your retirement and will also share future program updates with us.

Heath Digital Memory Oscilloscope - Model 4850

Heath Company

The Heath Digital Memory Oscilloscope (DMO), Model 4850, is a versatile accessory for an oscilloscope or a PC-compatible computer. The CMO can upgrade a low-frequency bandwidth oscilloscope to one that has a 50 MHz bandwidth on repetitive signals, and can also add waveform storage capatilities.

When you connect the DMO to a computer via the RS-232 connector, the supplied software provides you with full control of the CMO functions from the computer keyboard, waveforms displayed on the computer's screen. The computer software also provides you with the added capabilities for disk storage; averaging; and cursor measurement of voltage, time, and frequency. User-written software can be used to customize the DMO for specific applications such as automated testing.

The DMO is a sampling oscilloscope; it periodically samples analog input signals, converts them into digital code, and then stores them in its memory. When these coded signals are later retrieved, they are displayed as waveforms on the oscilloscope of on the computer's CRT. The DMO smaples repetitive signals from 0.4s/sample to 200ps/sample and norepetitive signals from 0.4 s/sample to 10us/sample.

Some of the features when you use the DMO with a normal oscilloscope include:

Some of the outstanding features when you use the DMO with a computer include:

This DMO is a laboratory-grade test instrument that is ideal for a wide range of measurements used in clectronic development, education, production lines, and scientific research.

Please note there are a numberof downloads for the Heathkit Scope, the first package is the original dos software, the file is Gary Appels' program with the last option the WinScope program operations manual. program.


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