LPB Carrier Current AM Broadcast Transmitter

"Low Power Broadcast LPB AM Carrier Current Transmitter."

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The LPB Broadcast Transmitter is designed for carrier current or limited area AM broadcasting applications. This is the desciption page for the lpbam.zip and lpbam.pdf files which can be down loaded from the Sonic Server Amateur Radio Page. LPB transmitters are Type_Accepted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for commercial operation from 520kHz-1700kHz. In the United States the FCC has defined limited area broadcast methods and limits under Part 15 of its Rules, which do not require a license or notification for operation.

Carrier Current broadcast systems utilize an impedance-matching Transmitter Coupling Unit to impress a Radio Frequency (RF) signal on the AC wiring of a building. This method essentially turns the AC power wiring of a building into an antenna which covers the interior of the building and the surrounding area.

Other Applications:
AM Vertical Antenna TIS
The FCC permits licensed Travelers Information Stations (TIS) in the United States. These are short (49ft) antenna systems with a max of 10 watts input power and a coverage radius of approximately 4-6 miles. They are designed specifically to be used by federal, state and local goverments to disseminate information.

AM/FM Tunnel Rebroadcasting Systems
Am Radiating Coaxial Cable
FM Radiating Coaxial Cable
Power Line Carrier Current

This is a scanned copy of the manual saved as jpg files into a zip package, or the pdf package. Yes the circuit diagrams are included. Please..! Copies of any format are not to be resold, only given away for free to interested persons.


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