Collins 30L-1 Linear RF Amplifier

The Collins 30L-1 is a popular amplifier with collectors. Not only because it has the famous Collins brand name, but also because it has proven track record of reliability.

The physical layout demonstrates the proper horizontal 811a triode tube mounting technique as reliable and trouble free. This one amplifier clearly dispels some current amplifier manufactures claims (MFJ) that horizontal tube mounting is bad news. I know, nor have ever heard of a Collins 30L-1 Amplifier failure sourced to the horizontal mounted tubes mechanically failing in operation (not suffering from physical abuse).

Collins adhered to the tube manufactures data sheets and the result has been a track record of long-term reliable operation.

The circuit features four 811a tubes, grounded grid, cathode-driven with band switched tuned inputs for the original 80-10 Amateur Bands. Extra available bandwidth allowed regular MARS (Military Amateur Radio) operation without circuit modifications.

Metering functions include high voltage, plate current and a linearity tune mode.

The available download is a zip file, which contains the Collins 30L-1 circuit diagram in gif and Adobe PDF file formats.


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