Stripline Kilowatt Arcos Amplifier for 6 Meters

This is the pdf file down load description page for the Stripline Kilowatt Amplifier Construction Article published in Ham Radio Magazine, By Fred Merry, W2GN.

Warren Walsh - K2BM did the excellent work to provide us with this great Adobe PDF file package for the original sonic server. Our many thanks to Warren for his time and the great job setting up the entire pdf file package.

This amplifier layout was based on the famous K2RIW design layout. I'm told that Fred Merry produced and sold hundreds of this amplifier known as the "ARCOS AMPLIFIERS" (Amateur Radio Components Service) through the 1970's and 1980's. We just happened to be lucky enough to locate some pictures of actual W2GN built units shown here.

Options could be ordered when you purchased this amplifier from Fred Merry direct.

1) Power Switch on the RF deck
2) Screen voltage adjustment so that both tubes will precisely share the load,
3) The blower AC from the amplifier chassis
4) Antenna relay powered from the amplifier chassis
5) The "higher quality Weston Meter" I-G, I-S1, I-S2, I-P and E-P
6) The high quality McClean Engineerying 75 CFM blower with air switch which shuts down the amplifier if the blower fails
7) Direct drive of flapper controls
8) PA switch which controls antenna relay control circuitry to bypass amplifier without turning it off so that the exciter can be connected directly to the antenna.

A rear view of the 2 meter version shown just above.
Quality and craftsmanship appear to be first rate!

There were also 222 and 432 versions produced and sold, such as the 222MHz version shown below. Notice the different meter and similar front panel control layout.

After you down load and print out the article, let us know if you build an Arcos amplifier and consider sending us your "home-brew pics." 73's...


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