Decibel Products Antenna Drawings DB-404 DB-408 and DB-411

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Decibel Products Manufactures very high quality UHF Two-Way Radio Antennas. Models include the DB-404, DB-408 & DB-411 Dipole Arrays. Model suffix letters A, B; C; D & E indicate the "band segments" where the antenna operates. A=406-420, B=450-470, C=470-488. D=488-512 & E=482-494 MHz for standard UHF Antennas.

This is the description page for the above-mentioned Decibel Antenna dipole array drawings available on the main web page. These are just hand drawn rough notes with some dimensions and indicated measurements, which might prove useful if you are restoring or converting a surplus Decibel Antenna. Actual data sheets for these antennas can still be found at the many Decibel Products (now part of Andrew) Dealer/vendor web sites.

Please use this information at your own risk. Drop us an Email if you notice a value out of spec or you have additional information to share. Some additional scans of the various DB Antenna Mounts, Antenna Alignment and hardware information are also listed for free download.

Enjoy the articles available in Adobe PDF format. Below are some pictures of the various antennas by model number.

Above: The Decibel DB-404-B 450-470 MHz Dipole Array Antenna

Above: The Decibel DB-408-B 450-470 MHz Dipole Array Antenna

Above: The Decibel DB-411-B 450-470 MHz Dipole Array Antenna

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