Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower

Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower

The Ford 501 Sickle Mower is piece of farm equipment used mainly for cutting grass and similar vegetation. It consists of a six- to eight-foot bar mounted on the right rear of a tractor and cuts with a shearing action. The 501 was designed as an accessory to Ford tractors equipped with a hydraulic system, but it will work with any tractor with a three-point lift linkage that mimics the Ford design. The cutter bar can easily be raised using the tractor's hydraulic control lever to prevent damage to the mower when passing over rocks or tree stumps. Attaching the mower takes several steps and should be followed carefully, as safety issues are involved with improper attachment.

Up until the date this resource became available, a quality free copy of the original Owners Manual didn't seem to be available on the internet/web. So, here's a scanned copy of that information for you to service your mower.

OK, Share and enjoy the Manual and please don't resell this information... " If you need help trouble shooting your 501, feel free to drop me a note.

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